The Advantage Way

Advantage Drafting specializes in providing precise shop drawings for storefronts, curtain walls, windows, interior office partitions, Herculite doors, handrails, windscreens, and ACM panels. With an unwavering commitment to quality and timeliness, we deliver exceptional drawing packages that exceed our clients expectations.

At the core of Advantage Drafting’s services is The Advantage Way, a proven process that ensures accuracy, efficiency, and client satisfaction. This method streamlines communication, minimizes errors and back-and-forth, and ultimately saves our clients time and money. By implementing a clear and documented process for each project, we foster a culture of continuous improvement and maintain a solid foundation for growth and success. Click here to download a digital copy of our proven process.

You can trust Advantage Drafting to deliver high-quality shop drawings that help bring your vision to life. Our attention to detail, commitment to client satisfaction, and the implementation of The Advantage Way ensures that each project is managed effectively and efficiently. With Advantage Drafting as your partner, you can focus on your core business operations, knowing that your shop drawing needs are in capable and reliable hands.

Our Proven Process


You may request a quote through our website, by emailing, or by contacting your Account Manager. This stage involves submitting your project’s scope of work, architectural drawings, and system type information. Allowing the Advantage Drafting team to assess your project requirements and provide an accurate quote within one business day. Every Advantage Drafting quote includes a Highlighted Scope Document. This ensures that we have a clear comprehension of your scope and instills confidence in our clients. Confirm your commitment to proceed by signing the electronic proposal document. Select your options on the pricing table and sign at the bottom.


Next, you will receive an order confirmation email providing further instructions based on whether the Job Information Form (JIF) has already been submitted. Provide your project information by filling out the Job Information Form (JIF). The JIF is essential for confirming details such as: contact information, system types, glass types, hardware, joint sizes, sealants, screws/anchors, and other specifications. This step minimizes back-and-forth communication, saving time, and ensuring accurate shop drawings. If there is any outstanding information at this stage. You will receive an RFI email from our Project Manager to confirm these final details. Next you will receive the kickoff email from our Project Manager. This email establishes a direct point of contact for your project and shares the expected lead time for the delivery of your shop drawings.


Your project is released to production. Advantage Drafting has developed a comprehensive 127 step standard checklist to ensure consistency and accuracy within every set of drawings. This process minimizes errors, back-and-forth, and ultimately saves you time and money.


Each project is then processed through our rigorous Triple Quality Inspection. Conducted in 3 stages, each with their own quality control checklist, by the Primary Drafter and two (2) separate Quality Control Technicians. The first stage involves a 71 point Drafter Inspection. One that’s done, the second stage, a 46 point QC Tech Inspection, commences. Finally, a 27 point QC Oversight Inspection completes our Quality Control Inspection process.


Lastly, the drafting team assigned to your project completes a final 26 step checklist as the last pass to ensure no detail is left unaccounted for.


You will receive an email with your completed Shop Drawing PDF documents. This package includes the drawings and any other add-ons selected on the proposal. Depending on the scope of your project; this includes; a cover sheet, key plans, elevations, sections, details, and schedules. You will receive an invoice per the agreed upon amount within one (1) business day.


Clients evaluate the submitted shop drawings and mark up any required changes. Advantage Drafting offers two free revisions with every project, ensuring satisfaction and accuray. If revisions are required your project will be prioritized in our pipeline as we understand our clients require prompt drawing updates to advance their projects. If further revisions are required, they will be billed at a rate of $85/hour unless our “Unlimited Revisions add-on” was purchased at the time of quote approval.

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