frequently asked questions

Three things: your architectural drawings, scope of work, and the system type(s)/no. of system(s) used in your project.

Currently, we do NOT offer PE stamping and calculations. This offering is under development and should be available soon.

Our pricing is quoted per job and would depend on its size and complexity. Please feel free to request a free quote by submitting our quote request form, or sending an email to hello@advantagedrafting.com.

Refer to the table below for our average lead times. Please be aware that our lead times are subject to change due to the irregular nature of our awarded work volume.


No. of SheetsAverage Lead Time
1-10 sheets5 business days
11-25 sheets10 business days
26-50 sheets15 business days
51-80 sheets20 business days
81+ sheets25 business days

Yes! Please click here to view a collection of shop drawing samples that we have completed for our clients, showcasing different scopes of work.

We offer 2 free revisions included with every quote. The 3rd revision and onward is billed at $85 per hour.

For all things glass and glazing, our standard scales are as follows:


for elevation sheets:

ScaleSheet Size
1/4” = 1’17” x 11”
3/8" = 1'24" x 18"
1/2” = 1’36” x 24”


for detail sheets:

ScaleSheet Size
6” = 1’17” x 11”
9" = 1'24" x 18"
1’ = 1’36” x 24”


Shop drawings are to be delivered in 17” x 11”, 24” x 18”, or 36” x 24” sizes in PDF format (CAD files may be sent also upon request). Please note that you may request a different paper size, but for all non-standard paper sizes, $95 will be added to your final invoice.

Economy Shop Drawings have generic detail pages. No fasteners or screws are shown at perimeter details. Standard Shop Drawings are the same as Economy, but with "surrounding conditions" fully detailed at perimeter conditions including demonstration of how the fasteners/screws secure systems to the substrate(s). Please see the photo below for example.

Advantage Drafting's Title Block is the standard border we use for our shop drawings that includes information about the job including, but not limited to the client's company name with logos, the general contractor, architectural design firm, project name, job number, job address, sheet number, sheet description, revision, information, etc. Clients are allowed to provide their own title block for use in the production of shop drawings, however, our drafting standards for font size and style, cover sheet presentation, dimension styles, line thicknesses, abbreviations, symbols, and general drafting practices and presentation are to remain consistent with Advantage Drafting's drawing standards.

A "Full Section" is an entire wall section showing your scope of work, to be included in the detail sheets of your shop drawing package. Please see a sample of our "Full Sections" add-on below.

Yes! This option adds building elevation sheets to your shop drawing package as key drawings. Please refer to the sample drawing below for an example.


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